Luca Segantini is the creative mind behind Blue Highways.

Luca Segantini profile – May 2018

Luca spent his career developing his skills in sharing complex information, in a variety of formats online and in print, with different audiences.

Science in print and Bytes

After completing his degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1986, Luca entered the scientific publishing world and, as editorial director of 2 large international publishers, based in Milan and in Chester (UK), he learned how to deliver medical and pharmaceutical information to physicians, pharmacists and patients through textbooks, journals, CD ROMs, databases and the Internet.

This experience was instrumental in convincing Luca that it was time to work independently: together with a partner, in 1996 Luca setup his consultancy in Milan. The clients were global pharmaceutical and biotech corporations and the projects ranged from strategic marketing and communications advice to innovative technology tools to improve the way pharmaceutical reps were delivering information to health professionals.

The e-Business era

A desire to experience life abroad, after having worked with international teams for most of his career based out of Milan, prompted Luca to take the plunge and accept an offer as marketing director with a business based in the Netherlands, providing auction services to hospital managers and suppliers. Relocating to Amsterdam was a great move, but the burst of the Internet bubble in 2000 forced the company to restructure. Luca found an excellent opportunity with the leading pharmaceutical player in Belgium, Janssen Pharmaceutica (a Johnson & Johnson company), as eBusiness manager in the European marketing team. After relocating to Brussels, Luca took care of coordinating an EMEA team of professionals engaged in providing patients and doctors with information, advice and networking through online portals and other e-projects in the field of psychiatry and neurology.

A “hobby” with 7,000 members worldwide

In 2002, Luca met with a British national living in Antwerp, who had a very strange “hobby”: since several years, he had fostered an informal community of business executives worldwide interested in shared services and business process outsourcing. Not sure what shared services are? Well, Luca did not know an awful lot either, but the opportunity and the challenge of developing that community into a formal, structured association business was very appealing to him.

The SBPOA was born: together, Luca and his partner launched the Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing Association, a not-for-profit global association managed by a company named SharedXpertise operating from Brussels.

In 5 years, the company grew to a USD 4 Million business, with a 22 people team across 9 nationalities. The SBPOA became the leading, independent association helping executives understand, learn and network on business transformation around finance, human resources and procurement.

In 2004, HROA Europe (The Human Resources Outsourcing Association) was founded, together with a group of star service providers and consultants in the HRO space, including Accenture HRS, EDS, IBM, ACS, ADP, SAP, Mercer, and a few pioneering “buyers”, including Procter & Gamble, Intel and Unilever.

A major achievement for 2006 was the launch of a fully-fledged training program on business transformation for HR, finance and procurement executives, SharedXpertise Forum’s Training Series.

Are all highways blue?

Since March 2007, Luca is fully committed to provide his expertise in healthcare, business transformation (shared services, outsourcing, offshoring), publishing, events, training, e-business and association management on a freelance basis, through his own company, Blue Highways. Main clients have been ScienceBusiness, a European company which has the mission of bridging the gap between academia, business and policy in the field of science & technology, Think Tank, a healthcare communication agency, and a few large pharmaceutical companies. His most recent appointment is with Interel, a public affairs and association management firm. On their behalf, Luca is engaged as Executive Director of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN), a worldwide medical association with 9000 members and 6M $ turnover.

One thought on “Management

  1. Hello Blue Highways team,
    I wish you a lot of success in the adventures to come…
    May many clients discover your talents.
    All the best,
    Marie-Hélène De Coster

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