ESOF2008 for Business – From Lab to Market

ESOF2008 for Business – From Lab to Market

21 July 2008 – 8:30 to 18:00

New ways to bridge the gap between industry and academia

The marketplace for science and technology is vast, fast-growing and complex. It cuts across all borders, between countries, industries and scientific disciplines. It involves many skills: corporate R&D managers, academic researchers, technology transfer officers, IP specialists, venture capitalists and policy-makers. And for success, what counts is what you know, and whom you know.

The “ESOF2008 for Business – From Lab to Market” programme is a series of engaging panel discussions, targeted at executives managing science & technology innovation within large corporations and medium businesses throughout Europe. This is your chance to discuss what it takes to grow your business by identifying, developing and securing innovative technologies. Join thousands of the best scientists and entrepreneurs and discuss your innovation agenda.


1 – Is tech transfer evil?

2 – Knowledge Transfer – What works?

3 – Open innovation – The new model for collaboration

4 – Innovation Clusters – How to build Silicon Valley in Europe

Who will be there?


Download the full programme in PDF format

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