The Lego nostalgia

I spent most of today sitting besides a video editor in a NASA-like room full of monitors, videocameras and switches, editing a video-record of an event we organised with the EU R&D Commissioner. For those of us involved in the day-to-day management of things, with sales responsibilities, or marketing, or business development, it is somewhat refreshing to do something that results in a physical product, and where you can see your efforts turning into something concrete (and hopefully nice-looking) in a matter of hours.

I find very rewarding to be involved with the nuts-and-bolts of production, and sometimes wish I took another turn at the beginning of my working life: I am certainly not an avid instruction manual reader, nor I like the repetitive side of production, but I definitely enjoy using my hands (both with the assistance of “tools” such as a PC with complicated software or without) to come up with something that can be seen, sniffed, touched and, why not, broken to pieces to restart the process.

I call this the “Lego nostalgia”. Perhaps is an effect of the fact that I will be turning 46 soon (mid-life crisis?) but it is nice to be able to devote some time to actually do something with my time … 😉

P.S. it may rather be the case of early mid-life crisis, as suggested by a recent study of a German insurance group: it looks like they are using 104 years as the average life expectancy for those born in 2007.

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