The Economist’s perspective on Brussels seminars

“Nobody seems able to change the default formula for Brussels policy seminars: good coffee and croissants, dull speeches and a brief exchange of conventional wisdom.”

Well, that sounds like a faithful representation of a vaste majority of the gatherings that take place every day around rue de la Loi. There is definitely a bad need for innovative events that are interactive and provocative, as opposed to predictable and stale. In my brief stint within the Brussels club of policy makers and lobbyists, I have been attending a few meetings and conferences, almost all of which would have needed some refreshing paint. It is now one of my priorities with my current client Science|Business to bring to this community a series of different events, focused on R&D, policy, innovation and technology transfer in Europe.

These events will benefit from being part of a mix of activities provided to members of Science|Business Forums, which turns them an opportunity for continuing a lively discussion face-to-face.

Stay tuned for a full event calendar and an announcement of the upcoming Science|Business Forums.

Ah, and we will notify The Economist too…

The full article: The think-tanks that miss the target is available here.

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