Building an online hospital marketplace and real-time auctions site

Company:, Weesp, The Netherlands

Project: build an online hospital marketplace and real-time auctions site

When: 2000 to 2001 is a pan-European provider of e-procurement services (including online auctions) to hospitals and medical devices and pharma companies. Within the company, I had the overall responsibility for all activities related to marketing and public relations, including the management of the website content and all e-initiatives, as described below.

developed and implemented a marketing strategy for corporate and for the local operations (in UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, and Italy)
planned and executed a media relations plan, at an European level, issuing a biweekly press release, organizing press conferences, managing contacts with journalists and acting as the primary contact for the media
selected and managed a creative agency
coordinated agencies for the ideation and production of promotional materials (corporate brochures, press releases, advertisements, etc.)
selected and co-ordinated conference attendance
co-ordinated the writing, editing, and design activities for the portal website, taking care of its localization in 6 languages
identified, tested, and implemented new added-value services, such as e-seminars, e-brochures, and other ways of enhancing the business value of
organised and co-ordinated sales meeting for all eumediX country representatives.

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