Strategic marketing and communications making the best use of science and e-business

Company: Think Tank, Milano, Italy

Project: strategic marketing and communications consultancy

When: 1996 to 2000

As an independent consultancy, we focused on advising companies on new technologies and opportunities, and how to best use them to their advantage. We analysed their business requirements and helped them develop new corporate goals exploiting e-tools to enhance competitiveness. The company is active in the pharmaceutical/biotechnological, food, and IT fields. It provides a wide range of consultancy services to high tech companies, such as new media, health economics and marketing strategy.


  • international communications projects using the new tools and the Internet:
    – For an example, see the website of the Eurand Award ( Besides developing the concept and planning the various phases of the Award, I was directly responsible for the organization of the award ceremony within the leading drug delivery event, the yearly Controlled Release Society conference. Other tasks involved setting up the award website and effectively communicating with the international community of scientists in the drug delivery field. This involves using email, the web, and videoconferencing, instead of the traditional mailings/meetings, presenting Eurand as a cutting-edge and an innovative partner for scientists. The Eurand Award has become a milestone in Eurand’s business development strategy.

  • We successfully dealt with a pharmacoeconomic project on behalf of Farmindustria, the Italian association of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our suggested approach was to deal with the regulatory authorities on a scientific and rigorous plan, instead of undertaking traditional lobbying activities. The project started in January 1999, and involved dealing with top executives from 5 pharmaceutical companies, and a Board of Experts formed by 30 opinion leaders in their therapeutic area, using Delphi methodology. The outcome was a complete success, with the product use restrictions having been withheld by the Ministry of Health after we presented the study results to the Ministry health economics team.

  • publishing and multimedia: development of innovative services for communicating effectively complicated concepts, in fields such as biotechnology or intellectual property. Very often, these services involved the use of Internet and the new e-tools.
    – For Pfizer we developed Internet Offline, a software for doctors and pharmacists without access to the Internet. Using IO they have been able to have a quick view over selected resources in their therapeutic area. IO is a periodical service, delivered every three months. The service started in 1998, and has been sold to BASF Knoll and Parke-Davis as well.
    – I was in charge of coordinating the content and the production of a range of medical journals sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

  • interactive tutorials, courses and exhibitions: Think Tank is actively promoting new forms of learning traditionally complicated concepts. TT organised an interactive exhibition on drug research and development, aimed at the general public. The exhibition was being developed with the Science Museum in London and the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris.

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