Coordinate a range of scientific publications and CD ROMs

Company: Adis International, Milano (Italy) and Chester (UK)

Project: editorial director for marketing publications, scientific congress highlights, CD ROMs and other formats used to disseminate the proprietary “digital soup” of Adis Intl

When: 1992 to 1996

Responsible for proposals development, researching scientific information, writing and assembling various kind of printed/multimedia items directed to promote an enhanced knowledge of specific drugs or therapeutic classes. The main clients were pharmaceutical companies, at an Italian or European level. Main titles were Drugs, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, PharmacoEconomics, Neuropsychiatric Drugs.

– As part of the management team, suggested strategies to achieve the desired
objectives, and the best tools to do it.
– Contributed to proposals development, researched scientific literature, planned
publications, and analysed competition to identify the right product to meet a
specific need.
– Coordinated workflow from manuscript to printed or multimedia item, interacting
with Account Directors and Production Managers. Responsible for budgeting internal
and external resources
– Coordinated medical advisors and freelancers, searched databases, developed new
products/services collaborating with the UK operation.

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